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Owing to the availability of cheap labour, dry climatic condition and availability of good transportation, industrial development took place in the Town.  The availability of black-cotton soil around the town and cultivation of cotton, paved way for the development of ginning and spinning mills in and around the town.
  The dry climate prevailing over the town helps for the development of match factories.  
Loyal Textiles and Lakshmi Mills are the two major textile units in the Town employing about 1200 workers.  The raw material to these units come from northern states like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and finished goods are transported to Northern States by road and rail.  Match industries ranks first in the Town in terms of number of units and product value.   About 200 units function in the Town.  The match units are concentrated in Wards A,C and D, which employ about 3000 workers.  The output is about 90 lakhs gross of match boxes.  The products are transported to North India through road and railway.  Apart from these, 7 ginning factories, 17 printing press, 10 rice and flour mills, 3 saw mills and 196 other industrious function in the town.
  An industrial estate is functioning in the outskirt of the Town.  

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